What the hell is happening in my office?

This past month at my office has been a month of headaches and roadblocks. I caught myself asking, “What the hell?” quite a bit this month, “What the hell was my employee thinking? What the hell happened to these reports? What the hell did my vendor do?” That’s when it hit me, I was loosing control of the office I was supposed to be managing.

We just launched a new billing system a few months ago. Each month I am surprised we are still having issues in accounting, after all this new system was supposed to make our lives easier. This month I have been busy with so many little things that took my time. That before I knew it we were half way through the month. That’s when my boss walked in the office with aging reports asking “What the hell is this?” I should know what the status of our aging reports any time he ask. That’s when I realized; I haven’t even looked at them yet. Our office is a smaller operation, so it is very important for us to be on top of collecting lease payments. However, this month we were behind over $10,000. I could blame this on my assistant, or even the accounts receivable. But the truth was this was happening because of my lack of leadership, and my lack of assigning responsibilities to my employees.

Fortunately, my boss was understanding that I was buried with other projects that were taking my focus away from the important things. Like collections and business development. From here we found that a lot of the projects that were taking my time, were projects that I could afford to hand off to someone else.

Some times as a business owner, or manager we feel it is easier for us to do something rather than making our employees learn how to do it or even how fix it. Before we know it, we are behind on what is important because we are focused on little things like picking up more cups at Costco for our kitchen, rather than closing deals or collecting past due payments.

Author Brandon Sanderson once wrote, “The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.”  So what about you and your business? Are there projects or job duties that you can hand off that will allow for you to focus on the big picture?

Prepare your employees. Hand off some responsibility. Hold them accountable. These three steps will help you focus on the vital projects of the business. (and maybe make your life a little less stressful)


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