My name is Andrew Yates, I am the guy who sits and writes this blog. Some like to give themselves fancy titles like “producer” or “motivational blogger” when they write blogs such as this, but I don’t claim to be anything I’m not. Therefore I try not to impress anyone with fancy made up titles or cheesy motivational blogs. I write this blog to bring some humor to the business life, share my failures – in hopes other can learn form them, share my success – in hopes someone can also learn from them and even give some tips for the average business owner or manager. Read. Enjoy and feel free to comment on my blogs or give your ideas related to the blog post.

Career: Most of my career was in the green industry. (just a fancy way to say I was a landscaper) I have worked for some of Ohio’s and Buffalo, New York’s well known and respected green industry providers. I also have helped successfully launch a few businesses throughout my career. Today I work in the office leasing industry as a business development manager in Columbus, Ohio.

Current City: Columbus, Ohio

Hometown: Xenia, Ohio

Social Media:  LinkedIn    Twitter   Facebook

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